Is it time for a “Game Store” ?

Last night, I was listening to the podcast Under the Radar, hosted by David Smith and Marco Arment, about Improving the AppStore. Then I checked the top grossing apps on both iPhone and iPad. I found that the top grossing charts are insanely occupied by games. Have a look at the stats below..

The Above Stats are from AppHop — Check out in AppStore

In iPad, Out of top 200 grossing Apps 165 are games (83%).

In iPhone, Out of top 200 grossing Apps 149 are games (74%).

How about having a separate “Game Store” than squeezing everything in to an “App Store”?!

Right Now, if we go to AppStore to look for some new Apps, Most homepage editorial features are games, Top charts are mostly games. It’s really tough finding new interesting apps. With 2 million apps/games in the app store today, It’s high time we name games as “Games” rather than “Apps”!

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